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Artwork >> John Enright >> paradym prime

Artwork >> John Enright >> paradym prime

"paradym prime"
John Enright
mixed media on canvas - 48 Inches x 96 Inches
there are no limits, no boundaries. we float in an ethereal world of our own creation. these works echoe this belief in that materia found along the journeys of life are implimented within the surface. Layers of pigment, plasters, earth and resins comprise a thick and sensoral experience for the viewer or collector to appreciate. Light and shadow also play an important part of the experience, as the shadows stretch across the surface in undulating patterns.

18999 US$

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Wonderful exhibit
Quite an experience to see your work after meeting you. Enjoy life and the journey! Talk to you soon, Johnny B
(John Basile, 6 April 2020)

Artworks Topics : Abstract - Abstract Visions - Human Body - Synthesis - Women
Artworks Media : Abstract - Painting - Painting On Canvas