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Artwork >> Inday Cadapan >> Woman!

Artwork >> Inday Cadapan >> Woman!

Inday Cadapan
sculpture - 12 Inches x 55 Inches
In looking at object and human models, Inday instinctively and mentally fragmentizes their form, picking out appealing shapes and then assembles them upon a flat pictorial space, into new and intimate conglomerations of colored areas bounded by lines that move with spontaneous grace.

5000 US$

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Inday’s EXPRESSIONISM 1939-2004 Elsie “Inday” Reyes-Cadapan’s art is raising subjective feelings above the objective observations. It reflects the artist’s state of mind rather than the reality of the external world. She favored the Fauvist style of bright colors but also added strong linear effects and hashes outlines. Her binding outlines con.../...
(Inday Cadapan, 27 October 2006)

 In Memory of Inday   Inday Cadapan on her 4th year death anniversary

 Heart in the Art of Inday Cadapan by Karen Galarpe   Inday Cadapan's works are driven by a perpetual stage of agitation. The artist, after all, is bent on informing th public about the various dilemmas besieging the modern Filipina--from prostitution to political issues. Her canvas is a pageantry of imperfect women who have experienced and survived the challenges of an era rife with upheavals both

 Inday Cadapan Interview 1998   Alliance Francaise de Manille interview

 ART in the HEART of Inday Cadapan   When Inday found out that she had 6 months to live, she picked up her brush and expressed herself in bright colors. After 13 years she was in full circle painting a piece of heaven.....

 INDAY'S EXPRESSIONISM   Heart in the Art of Inday.

 INDAY'S EXPRESSIONISM   Elsie Inday Cadapan's art