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Artwork >> Sylvie Boulet >> The jewel sur the beach

Artwork >> Sylvie Boulet >> The jewel sur the beach

"The jewel sur the beach"
Sylvie Boulet
acrilyc - 20 Inches x 28 Inches
This painting his small story . . . Indeed often , he is coming as l'on wonder how comes l'inspiration and the why such form or of such color . . .
In this instance accurate , the table comes from d'une sensation colours : un assembly d'or and d'orange . The all slightly mother of pearl , indeed milky in light morning d'un edge of the beach at there Côte Basque . Au hearts d'une ride edge of the mer , j'ai crusader une queen which carried this two-tone necklace shining d'une particular way . Mon noted this spirit feeling . A few days late in making un etchings , les 2 color returned to my memory and j'ai sought d'ou had print this dice déjà seen . I thank so the unknown who has without the knowing , inspired mon fantasy and m'a possible to trace sur the canvas this brilliance of light . L'inspiration is well all around of us , it needs juste staying " porous " for in enjoy !

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Artworks Media : Acrilyc - Mixt Technik