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Artwork >> Shankar Gallery >> lingam yantra silver talisman

Artwork >> Shankar Gallery >> lingam yantra silver talisman

"lingam yantra silver talisman"
Shankar Gallery
Silver encased talisman painting - 2 Inches x 1 Inches
lingam yantra silver talisman, from the folio TARU COLLECTION is available at ww.shankar-gallery.com, Boulder, CO.USA.

100 US$

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Hello, i am from boulder . I cant read the words on the left of your main page.
(thomas rep, 9 December 2009)

 Shankar Gallery , Boulder, Colorado, USA.   Welcome to Shankar Gallery, where Asian art and mysticism meet Western innovation. Living in the glow of the Rocky Mountains, S.S.Shankar is a Yogi known for his vibrant artwork, his deeply soulful writings, and his attentive skill as Siva Lingam Pujari. Now, S.S.Shankar unveils his 108 visionary paintings.