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Artwork >> Shankar Gallery >> gold blending floating turquoise necklace

Artwork >> Shankar Gallery >> gold blending floating turquoise necklace

"gold blending floating turquoise necklace"
Shankar Gallery
Worlds Fine Glass Heritage - 18 Inches x 1 Inches
Art for the Soul
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Shankar Gallery contains 108 paintings by Shankar representing the path of the spiritual aspirant through art. Shankar's art collection of 15,000 paintings range in size from miniatures to large scale canvases & includes subjects like Mandala, Lingam, & Yantra, etc.

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Hello, i am from boulder . I cant read the words on the left of your main page.
(thomas rep, 9 December 2009)

 Shankar Gallery , Boulder, Colorado, USA.   Welcome to Shankar Gallery, where Asian art and mysticism meet Western innovation. Living in the glow of the Rocky Mountains, S.S.Shankar is a Yogi known for his vibrant artwork, his deeply soulful writings, and his attentive skill as Siva Lingam Pujari. Now, S.S.Shankar unveils his 108 visionary paintings.