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Artwork >> Pol Ledent >> orchard heer

Artwork >> Pol Ledent >> orchard heer

"orchard heer"
Pol Ledent
canvas oil Strengthened out of cartón - 16 Inches x 20 Inches

400 US$

Print 25 US$

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Massage - Struk Léa
Merci d'être membre de la famille ArtsCad. Vous avez reçu un message de Struk Léa. "VOTRE peinture est exactement celle qui m'eblouit et m'enchante. Ou les voir a Paris ou trouver Qq album? Léa ( Vu annoncement ) Nous avons informé Struk Léa, que vous avez déjà reçu le massage et avez donné un lien vers votre ArtsCad email. S'il vous plaît.../...
(ArtsCad Manager - Marina, 16 June 2014)
Beautiful work!
I am a big fan of your artwork, Mr. Ledent. Your watercolors inspire me so much and always evoke an emotion. I would love to have you teach me.
(Lisa, 4 April 2011)
Pol, I love your work!
Dear Pol, I just adore and love your artwork! I'm a fan, Holly Carmichael Nashville, TN
(Hollycarmichael, 9 August 2006)
You're beautifull aquarelle paintings
dear paul ledent I'm a artist from holland,I do Oil and acryl and Aquarelle/oil and paintbrush art,but to sai really the truth I admire your work a lot. so from amsterdam holland I can say directly to you go on with this work. I ressentle did a work in a house and I urned 13000 euro for it. but it was something same as michelangelo. it took me 3 .../...
(IlmondBellO, 13 March 2006)
Hello Pol I think that we met at a pastel show in Quebec many years ago and I see your ...
Hello Pol I think that we met at a pastel show in Quebec many years ago and I see your work here salute Dan ww.members.shaw.ca/dfgray/home. htm
([From Guestbook], 3 January 2004)