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Artwork >> Johnny J W Morlan >> Sirari Wood Desk Set

Artwork >> Johnny J W Morlan >> Sirari Wood Desk Set

"Sirari Wood Desk Set"
Johnny J W Morlan
Sirari Wood - 10 Inches x 5 Inches
{Shipping weight is 3 pounds}. You may go to the Payment Options, Shipping & Handling Charges page for ordering information, payment options, and shipping handling charges.
Desk set made of Sirari wood. Limited edition of 100. {Shown Right Hand Preference}. Each one signed, dated, numbered with certificate and documents organized in an elegant folder. Pricing Includes Up To 4 Special Lines Of Wording Of Your Choice Added To The Certificate!
Has 24kt gold plated business card holders and pen with base. Bottom has felt protective dots and all components are attached to the base with screws.

110 US$

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Beautyful what you al doing whit wood Artistic greatings, Kunstschilder Paul Gosselin - Menen-Belgium
(Paul Gosselin, 9 January 2011)

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