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Artwork >> Diane Caron >> Oeil-miroir, regard aveugle

Artwork >> Diane Caron >> Oeil-miroir, regard aveugle

"Oeil-miroir, regard aveugle"
Diane Caron
Oils on canvas - framed - 20 Inches x 24 Inches
Nuit Noire, une série de douze huiles - est une exploration dans les méandres du vide intérieur, une dérive dans la profondeur de la nuit, oû la solitude guide l'esprit enfin protégé du regard de l'Autre: tout y est désormais défini par la vérité cachée au coeur de ce grand vide.
Nuit Noire, a series of twelve oil paintings - is a journey through the meanderings of my inner space, a drifting in the abyss of the night. Solitude, my compassionate guide, protects me from the Other's watch and reveals the truth of my reality, concealed at the core of my emptiness.
Fuir le regard de l'Autre \ To escape from the Other's gaze.. )

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Please let me meet Yanni...
Dear mrs. Caron, My name is Jubille Jacer and I was your grandson, Yanni's, best friend since elementary. I moved to Edmonton 3 years ago and lost his contact and I was hoping that you were his grandmother. I saw the portrait that looks just like him and I really hope that I'm right... I'm currently in town and I'll be in Montreal until the 27t.../...
(Jubille, 18 July 2016)

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