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The Artworks of La Galerie De Rosiane Priam and 9/6/2015

La Galerie De Rosiane Priam - BACK RIDEBACK RIDELa Galerie De Rosiane Priam

I often start from a colored background. My predilections colors are pinks, oranges, yellows and blues. They are regularly at the base of my paintings. This March 20, 2015, the weather was dark and rainy. The solar eclipse of this month of spring perhaps it was something to do. Still, I wanted to go...

La Galerie De Rosiane Priam - HERMITAGEHERMITAGELa Galerie De Rosiane Priam

Table born after laminated a book on contemporary painter Yves Brayer (1907-1990). I picked one of his paintings entitled 'Siena' from 1955. It showed the city and its basilica. I copied the table my way but it was not me. I could not be happy with what I reproduisais. As much as I could walk around...

La Galerie De Rosiane Priam - ESCALEESCALELa Galerie De Rosiane Priam

Some colors in pots, prepared by a friend. Colors that speak to me and that lead me to the canvas. I still sailed long hours before Escale and rest my brushes. One of the first paintings after two years of blank page.

La Galerie De Rosiane Priam - PRIMARYPRIMARYLa Galerie De Rosiane Priam

Work created with the primary on a very fine linen. I went red, blue and yellow with the addition of tasks, shapes ... Finally, I added two or three black keys to give some depth. A second constraint, avoid drawing, painting work only, which was not the easiest!