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The Artworks of John Enright and 9/2/2007

John Enright - draped in a cloak of lightdraped in a cloak of lightJohn Enright

the artist mixes two genres of both figurative and abstraction

John Enright - Earthscape Series 5Earthscape Series 5John Enright

Large scale work for exhibition in Gallery. Artist uses found earth and materia to create a highly textural and tactile surface. Pigments are applied within the compounds and are fused into the surface.

John Enright - E ~ 7E ~ 7John Enright

earth forms and materia are used to create a tactile and sensoral experience. The use of spotlighting above can also utilize shadows from the three dimensional earth and rocks to enhance the dramatic effect.

John Enright - cenote 1cenote 1John Enright

earth forms and materia are used to enhance the tactile and sensoral experience of the painting surface. Geometric and Mathematical paradym

John Enright - paradym primeparadym primeJohn Enright

there are no limits, no boundaries. we float in an ethereal world of our own creation. these works echoe this belief in that materia found along the journeys of life are implimented within the surface. Layers of pigment, plasters, earth and resins comprise a thick and sensoral experience for the vie...

John Enright - E~1E~1John Enright

multi panel original painting. Very thick surface texture overall with implimentation of many methods and media, found materia have been submerged within the skin/surface of the works. Panels can be spread apart to fill a larger space as collector desires.

John Enright - flight of the phoenixflight of the phoenixJohn Enright

horizontal panoramic abstract featuring a variety of surface fx. Tactile and sensoral, blending both smooth and very rough, earthen forms. Three dimensional is prime. Spotlighting from above will accentuate the drama by using the shadows from the earthen materia.