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The Artworks of Carlos Roces and 26/8/2007

Carlos Roces - NBCPA-4X5NBCPA-4X5Carlos Roces

You can walk along the sea
in the middle of the night
Or the wooded ground with trees
smelling forest for life
In Castile, across the fields
to enjoy stronger light
Or return along the sea
in the center of the bay
Or looking for other trees
and from there...

Carlos Roces - couple at him  dock couple at him dock Carlos Roces

in the dock gijon ; it was a later quiet ; and i felt sensation ; of enjoy of the life

Carlos Roces - navy gray navy gray Carlos Roces

One morning quiet ; on the beach gijon ; Painted without a lot rush ; Neither with much precision

Carlos Roces - two boats  over  him  Sea two boats over him Sea Carlos Roces

Just two boats on the be ; near the harbor of Gijon

Carlos Roces - railway la camocharailway la camochaCarlos Roces

The mine of the Camocha ; discovered by my grandpa ; they say going you beneath the sea ; but it digs at the flooring ; to remove charcoal . . ; Derricks over the heaven . . . .

Carlos Roces - sail boat upon  him  port sail boat upon him port Carlos Roces

i remember when i painted ; In the harbor , quite long time ; In the docks to yellow crane ; in the toilet an snipe

Carlos Roces - RulaRulaCarlos Roces

el muelle de Gijon ; the fish he sold ; according he came of sea ; in the Rula , every day .

Carlos Roces - fishmongers in the harbourfishmongers in the harbourCarlos Roces

At a late calm : ; two people talking ; other two with a barque ; and other two they are fishing

Carlos Roces - GranaryGranaryCarlos Roces

Him ' granary ' is a building typical to Asturias , which you supports about four or six ' pegoyos ' or columns of scree , to prevent rats they can climb and qu the water it can inundate .

Carlos Roces - night at the port night at the port Carlos Roces

Over the blue the night ; in the harbour gijon ; the reflections over the water ; they get good impression .