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The Artworks of Carlos Roces and 22/10/2009

Carlos Roces - Collier upon  the over  mina-2  Collier upon the over mina-2 Carlos Roces

the mine , an decline . The technical mixte , with stones of coal mine already closed . a story that ends , with changing energies .

Carlos Roces - Collier upon  the over  mine  1  Collier upon the over mine 1 Carlos Roces

Over two boards of wood , de face a mining , with the helmet of work . Carried with mixed media : with stones , coal , queue , acrylic paint , oil , Etc .

Carlos Roces - the Pentecostthe PentecostCarlos Roces

the holy spirit , in shape pigeon , he appeared to the apostles , when they were gathered with mary . Spbre its heads flames appeared , in shape tongues of fire . . . .

Carlos Roces - Gospel-The Canaan wedingGospel-The Canaan wedingCarlos Roces

'Las weddings of canaan ' is a box belonging to collection : - ' the gospel according carlos roces ' , that was exhibited in the year 1997 . First in the chapel of san Lorenxo gijon , After the cistercian monastery Valdedios and next , part of the collection , at the Institute cervantes de manila .

Carlos Roces - Regatta Club-25Regatta Club-25Carlos Roces

Under these two square canvases are several stages of ephemeral paintings
underlying and forever remain in the virtual space of the web pages in the world of RED

Carlos Roces - Gospel-AnnunciationGospel-AnnunciationCarlos Roces

The angel of the Lord appeared to the Virgin Mary: - 'Hail Mary, full of grace ...........'
Table belongs to the series 'The Avengelio as Carlos Roces'.

Carlos Roces - Asturias with cloudsAsturias with cloudsCarlos Roces

It is a landscape of Asturias
painted forty years ago
Mountains with gray clouds
home of the Asturian

Carlos Roces - Gospel-Christ on the CrossGospel-Christ on the CrossCarlos Roces

-From the Cross Gospel, Jesus Christ said to Mary: - 'Mother, behold your son.' and his favorite apostle John: _ 'Son, behold your mother'.
Table collection which belonged to 'The Gospel According to Carlos Roces'