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The Artworks of Roger Cummiskey and 2/3/2006

Roger Cummiskey - River SuirRiver SuirRoger Cummiskey

The River Suir;This river is fondly known as one of the “three sisters” as it is joined as it enters the sea between Hook Head in Wexford and Dunmore East in Waterford by its two “sister rivers” the Barrow and the Nore. . Its source is the Silvermines Mountains near Holycross Abbey in County Tippera...

Roger Cummiskey - The Atlantic OceanThe Atlantic OceanRoger Cummiskey

The Atlantic Ocean;The link between The USA and our Island, Ireland. The sea which so many crossed over the centuries to find fame and fortune, to escape famine and oppressive landlords and in many cases to this day the harsh graveyard of so many.;The image is from one of a series of river gods comm...

Roger Cummiskey - River LiffeyRiver LiffeyRoger Cummiskey

The River Liffey 'Anna Livia Plurabelle'.;This painting is based on the main character in Joyce’s classic “Finnegans Wake”. The character is interchangeable between a heroine and a river (The Liffey) which enters the sea as it flows through Dublin. It is therefore both. The image is from one of a s...