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The Artworks of Leonard Shane and 12/7/2006

Leonard Shane - Flowers Come to LifeFlowers Come to LifeLeonard Shane

This painting was done in a state of high energy as I was totally enraptured with it and just let the colors express themselves. Sometimes it's very therapeutic just allowing the 'art to happen', to literally 'allow it to follow its own course'. I was delighted with the final results and whenever ...

Leonard Shane - Fall Comes to the MeadowFall Comes to the MeadowLeonard Shane

This was a fun painting to do as I simply built one wash upon another to create a sense of transparency so that one could almost see the sun glowing through this meadow in Fall. It's a very delicate rendition, very calming, and creates a real sense of tranquility. I hope you enjoy it.

Leonard Shane - Field of FlowersField of FlowersLeonard Shane

This brightly colored watercolor painting of a field of flowers, oddly enough sat on the shelf half completed for a whole year until one day it just seemed the moment had come to complete it. With a flourish of energy, the colors just flowed from my brush, almost as if the brush new exactly where t...