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The Artworks of Harry Weisburd and 20/3/2011

Harry Weisburd - Angel River Double ReflectionAngel River Double ReflectionHarry Weisburd

Spiritual painting of hidden Spriitual force of Angel (Can you find or see the profile of an Angel in lower left hand corner of painting?) Painting inspired by Chinese Philosophy of Yin and Yang hidden forms of the feminine and masculine in Nature.

Harry Weisburd - Chinese Opera Singer with FanChinese Opera Singer with FanHarry Weisburd

Chinese Opera is a 600 year old tradition. For centuries men played both male and female roles,;Today woman also perform both male and females roles.

Harry Weisburd - Earth Goddess Hill by Sea with Goddess CloudEarth Goddess Hill by Sea with Goddess CloudHarry Weisburd

Earth Goddess Hill by the Sea and Goddess is influenced by Chinese Philosophy of YIN/YANG;In Chinese painting, the feminine form and masculine forms are hidden in the painting for centuries.;In this painting the feminine form of the Earth Goddess is hidden in the hill by the sea and the Goddess is h...

Harry Weisburd - Redux: 1950s Redux: 1950s Harry Weisburd

Redux : 1950s Shows woman wearing clothes 1950s style clothes with 1950s style car.

Harry Weisburd - EURYDICE and ORPHEUS 11EURYDICE and ORPHEUS 11Harry Weisburd

Painting is based on Myths of Eurydice and Orpheus. Eurydice goes into the water after lover Orpheus.