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The Artworks of Eva Kudukhashvili and 14/5/2012

Eva Kudukhashvili - -Restructuring in the Soviet Union-"Restructuring in the Soviet Union"Eva Kudukhashvili

.;lying on a bench and gripped his movables, and slept.;ry scared me a picture.;After those EVENTS, I did not go to the casino;I could not help creators are interesting composition

Eva Kudukhashvili - “Big-Ben”.oil on cardboard.70x50.cm.2011y.$20000“Big-Ben”.oil on cardboard.70x50.cm.2011y.$20000Eva Kudukhashvili

in London itself more like Big-Ben.ochen interesting on the side of architecture. could have a utopian view and the evening will be a great happiness.;I am a huge energia plus humidity in the composition and I think everybody wakes enjoyable look at the pictures.

Eva Kudukhashvili - “ciliated  night  at sea”.oil on cardboard.75x55cm.2000y.$32000“ciliated night at sea”.oil on cardboard.75x55cm.2000y.$32000Eva Kudukhashvili

I was resting on the sea in Khost (russia) every night the husband and wife were caught fish, sparkling sea and the moon was very beautiful, and I created a beautiful painting.

Eva Kudukhashvili - -My old yard-60x60.oil on plywood;2011y.$35000"My old yard"60x60.oil on plywood;2011y.$35000Eva Kudukhashvili

in the village, I have an old house and yard, where all the spring colors.;. I feel myself a very polite in the beauty.

Eva Kudukhashvili - “white moon”.oil on cardboard.50x60.cm.2001y.$30000 “white moon”.oil on cardboard.50x60.cm.2001y.$30000 Eva Kudukhashvili

I love the moon, like the night, just like you, we are together and we are happy, we are filled with enough love.(eva)

Eva Kudukhashvili -  “ Love”.oil on cardboard.65x60cm.2012y.$22000 “ Love”.oil on cardboard.65x60cm.2012y.$22000Eva Kudukhashvili

youth and love, ever burning in our heart and warms our lives until the end of our days.

Eva Kudukhashvili - -Lake Zonkari- "Lake Zonkari" Eva Kudukhashvili

In the' Lake Zonkari' is located between the rocks in the Caucasus.;the color of emerald. a brilliant and fantastic.;I watched the tears were of joy.