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The Artworks of Steven Streight

Steven Streight - interest in Christ begins (I Timothy 2:5)interest in Christ begins (I Timothy 2:5)Steven Streight

first a curiosity of this unique, grossly misinterpreted saviour, then a universe of healing light and joyful colors seeps into the life of one who is seeking Truth and Beauty

Steven Streight - file shaving syndromeda (edgar froese music 1974 -aqua-)file shaving syndromeda (edgar froese music 1974 "aqua")Steven Streight

Edgar Froese is a member of the pioneer electronic music ensemble Tangerine Dream.;I was listening to his solo album 'aqua' from 1974 on CD as I made this art. ;Then I thought 'file sharing' into the 'file shaving' as a distinct possibility.

Steven Streight - Morton Subotnick Christmas musicMorton Subotnick Christmas musicSteven Streight

Of course Morton Subotnick is a preeminent genius in the realm of classical electronic music composition. ;I've heard nearly all his material. 'Silver Apples of the Moon', 'The Wild Bull', 'A Fluttering of Wings', 'Return', and many more wonderful works.;I lost all the CDs of his music I once had. ...

Steven Streight - unencumbered by fleshly appetitesunencumbered by fleshly appetitesSteven Streight

Ace Venture said, 'I am a holy man. I am unencumbered by fleshly appetites. I see all women as the mothers of our children.';This was a funny scene in an Ace Ventura Pet Detective film with Jim Carey. Yet I could not fail to see how the premise of a Buddhist sage, who loves all living creatures an...