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The Artworks of Rosy- Line and of media Watercolor

Rosy- Line - Above the skyAbove the skyRosy- Line

Beyond the horizon
Above the sky

Rosy- Line - A hawthorn of sadnessA hawthorn of sadnessRosy- Line

'A thorn dawn of sorrow'
Perle, a rose in bloom,
A drop of honey,
Streams in the sky,
A hint of sweetness.

Rosy- Line - Our good daysOur good daysRosy- Line

Between the best and worst of ourselves, here are our good days!

Rosy- Line - At the heart of my roseAt the heart of my roseRosy- Line

At the heart of my rose,
the best of ourselves,
the fruit of our love.

Rosy- Line - SheetSheetRosy- Line

When she breathes the breath of the wind
And wings of a season
The outweigh the distant horizon
Her as a maid
Any coquette
Reddened the sky to fall in love
Butterfly day
It surprises bold
This king blue heart
To become his queen
And in a f...

Rosy- Line - Cheekbones fruityCheekbones fruityRosy- Line

This Fall is apple to eat! (7)
At the foot of the top if that ...
Two apples a tasty red,
a bound of a caper,
roll into a ball
a sip of dew.
The grass hidden up his cheekbones fruity.
(This poem is dedicated to my dad artist of nature, flowers in her hands...

Rosy- Line - Soft cushionSoft cushionRosy- Line

An electrical quote
The menu
Very menu
Weed in spring madness!
A pen of his fingers,
offers himself under his glasses,
Its small rosebuds.
In her little mouth open!
Blunt, foamed and bare
She straightens his suspenders
Frieze quarrel
Recovery id...

Rosy- Line - Singing chalicesSinging chalicesRosy- Line

Song chalices
The delights of a gathering.
In a basket of flowers.
A garden to the tender,
flourishes in the blue,
an open sky.
This star shells all wise
and intertwines a very rabble coral.
We perfuming the sweetest oceans.

Rosy- Line - The horrible slimy seasThe horrible slimy seasRosy- Line

The horrible slimy sea.
When the horrible sticky seas is released ...
It invades our seas to black.
It clogs our marine world,
splashes our beaches
suffocating fish and birds stains.
It s a horrible sticky sea