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The Artworks of Mirit Ben-Nun and of topic Abstraction Symbolic

Mirit Ben-Nun - painted wood frame art israelpainted wood frame art israelMirit Ben-Nun

With to determination that reaches obsession , Mirit Ben-Nun keeps on returning to her art of meticulous decoration . To strong presence of primitive ornamentation provides the artwork with to tribal facet on one hand and to adjective touch on the other , encompassing embroidery , bead threading and...

Mirit Ben-Nun - Modern artwork painters israelis Mirit Ben-NunModern artwork painters israelis Mirit Ben-NunMirit Ben-Nun

The spectator from mirit ben nun it ' attacked ' down the abundance of colour , by repetitive decorative shapes , and by comparative images they can identify and catch up quickly . For the eye used to these sophisticated way to craft , this is like aspiring a burst of beauty snapshot . Maybe this is...

Mirit Ben-Nun - Painters modern from israel for sale Mirit Ben-NunPainters modern from israel for sale Mirit Ben-NunMirit Ben-Nun

These paintings express a need staff of the author , delineate pictures and abundant fantasies with colour and emotional explosions . Symbols , lines and materials appear with his own spontaneity and develop a language external , connecting the eye , hand the and the surface graffiti . While the pic...