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The Artworks of Mike Ebrahimi and of style Realism

Mike Ebrahimi - -Necessity-"Necessity"Mike Ebrahimi

This painting was made in 1993 when Ebrahimi was 16-years-old. The piece represents the everyday struggles men and women alike faced to stay alive prior to industrialization and modernization.

Mike Ebrahimi - -The Future-"The Future"Mike Ebrahimi

This piece was created in 1993 when Ebrahimi was 16-years-old. It is a representation of what he believes will be the face of the future after nuclear World War III. The painting was called 'The Future' after Ebrahimi came across a quote from Albert Einstein, which reads: 'I know not with what wea...

Mike Ebrahimi - -Indian Summer-"Indian Summer"Mike Ebrahimi

This piece was painted in 1991 when Ebrahimi was 14-years-old. He was fond of the picture at the time because of the Fall colors he never experienced as a child growing up in Los Angeles. He named the piece “Indian Summer,” which means Fall.

Mike Ebrahimi - -Reassurance-"Reassurance"Mike Ebrahimi

This piece was created in 1993 at the age of 16. This painting, which was originally called “Inexplicable Pain,” excited a unique emotion in Mike Ebrahimi. He was drawn to this piece when flipping through a book of ocean paintings, and felt sadness when looking at it. Once the piece was complete ...