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The Artworks of Leonard Shane and of topic Landscape

Leonard Shane - Ships AhoyShips AhoyLeonard Shane

This is a lively colorful acrylic painting of beautiful downtown Vancouver as seen from the famous Stanley Park Seawall. Here I wanted to capture the magic and grandeur of this location which I have often walked. My focus was on playing with bright dynamic colors and creating a sense of the wide o...

Leonard Shane - TranquilCoveTranquilCoveLeonard Shane

If you love the West Coast or boating, this picture captures that here and watercolor really lends itself to expressing this. I love the mood that I've created here as people find it calming and relaxing, in fact many of them seem to recognize the exact location of this scene. The reality is, it i...

Leonard Shane - Turn of the Century Cariboo ChurchTurn of the Century Cariboo ChurchLeonard Shane

I was captivated by this old time Cariboo church set in British Columbia's interior. Watercolor and pen and ink seemed such a natural medium in which to capture the tranquility and timelessness of this scene. For me as the artist, whenever I look at this painting it has a simplicity and real sense...