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The Artworks of Jacques Fontan

Jacques Fontan - effects from Waveseffects from WavesJacques Fontan

A rocky coast , of waves which come s'y crush . ; Paint knife .

Jacques Fontan - Gorged tarnGorged tarnJacques Fontan

After the have painted at l'aquarelle , fashion book of travel et size largest in , j'ai had want to painting them at l'huile and at knife .

Jacques Fontan - cascading up in  Scotland cascading up in Scotland Jacques Fontan

Already slope at l'aquarelle and engraved copper , with this oil knife , you know all of this waterfall .

Jacques Fontan - Red vines at St-EmilionRed vines at St-EmilionJacques Fontan

Verses St-Emilion the vines in autumn are an true appearance . Golds and ruddy ? a few oasis d'arbres rajoutent d'autres ochres and from green , by one by to shadows blue and au-dessus a sky blue d'après-midi The sun is shaving , any shadows s'allongent . C'est my painting . . ; Oil knife .

Jacques Fontan - Olivetree pont du gardOlivetree pont du gardJacques Fontan

In april by time windswept and very grey , j'ai took some pictures pont du gard and from olive trees multi-séculaires which by side . ; J'en have composed this sunny canvas in workshop in the bordeaux region .

Jacques Fontan - Reflections d-automneReflections d'automneJacques Fontan

Interpretation d'un paper pictured . Tone dice l'oeuvre is from my inspiration . ; One can see trees the foliage turning the golds , d'autres very green , reflections on this blueprint d'eau . He does lovely , the sky is blue !

Jacques Fontan - stairs the  Leases  from  Provence stairs the Leases from Provence Jacques Fontan

Visit spring of this wonderful provence and from Leases , the bend d'une prague , these stairs have caught my attentiveness . Two or three pictures by l'endroit and some weeks of later addition , in my workshop ' bordeaux ' , j'ai realized this canvas must be d'ailleurs exhibited in few days in pari...

Jacques Fontan - THE CERETHE CEREJacques Fontan

Monochrome putting green , pastel fat , j'avais achieved a workart : the cere . ; For d'une exhibition of group , at Bègles , i did a demonstration of paint knife . My painting n'était pa away of my easel , j'ai had l'idée treat this subject at l'huile , colours d'automne . The public cask very inte...

Jacques Fontan - there Drome provencalthere Drome provencalJacques Fontan

For d'un stay in the drôme provencal as j'adore , in april 2005 , j'avais taken pictures . Starting few olive trees , j'ai wanted to create a landscape regional . . . . but not in shades of paintings current , with some more credible colors , pastellized , by to warmth , drought . On this canvas we ...

Jacques Fontan - wedges drywedges dryJacques Fontan

Au hearts d'une walk the tested , sur the port , exist d'un côté boats for most ' pinasses ' floating au sandstone tide and of l'autre côté of highway , d'autres who wait une repair or covered of their protection in winter . J'ai done un etchings sur square un morning janvier and some days after , s...