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The Artworks of Jacques Fontan and of media Canvas Oil

Jacques Fontan - Ars in reArs in reJacques Fontan

Walking in l'Ile ré , Ars in re is an beautiful little town where classes of house overlook the st . This pretty small yard m'a draws . Pictures and more late Painitng . ; Painting has l'huile knife .

Jacques Fontan - in Canadain CanadaJacques Fontan

The rare 3 wherein 4 years , j'ai painted d'après a document , this torrent canadian . ; Oil knife .

Jacques Fontan - At l-arrêtAt l'arrêtJacques Fontan

A friend showed me a photo of his dog l'arrêt m'a said ' and that , you can do it ? ' ; Me l'ai ' done ' at l'huile and at knife on canvas linen .

Jacques Fontan - Snow Bridge of SpainSnow Bridge of SpainJacques Fontan

According to a document .... gift to a friend for his birthday.
Realization in April 2015

Jacques Fontan - FallFallJacques Fontan

According to a document. Interpretation of an autumn landscape, 'old stones'.
Oil on canvas with a knife 10F

Jacques Fontan - malagar to malromé .malagar to malromé .Jacques Fontan

I went malagar to malromé , f properties . Mauriac and of Toulouse-Lautrec . The road sometimes lined winding vine , poplars married the relief industry . ; J'ai so interpreted l'huile and at knife a summary from what j'avais seen .

Jacques Fontan - ARCACHON - pereire beachARCACHON - pereire beachJacques Fontan

Basin d'Arcachon bathed this beautiful sandy beach white pine grove . ; Oil knife .

Jacques Fontan - the bridge d-Orthezthe bridge d'OrthezJacques Fontan

The rare some years , j'ai painted this bridge . Reviewing this painting recently , there m'est came l'idée of you present the . Seen d'un other place , j'ai done , at l'aquarelle , the same bridge . ; Oil knife on canvas .

Jacques Fontan - the river bullthe river bullJacques Fontan

the river Bull in canada conceals into his order reliefs spaces that calm before resume jumps and stunts . ; I you so this l'un dice ceux-ci painted knife and at l'huile .

Jacques Fontan - The mill loubensThe mill loubensJacques Fontan

Painted for d'une day when 30 painters had answered at l'ivitation d'un another painter industry . Very day conviviiale . ; Painting has l'huile knife , light of 10h from morning , colours d'automne fanciful . We were by juin/juillet ! ( This painting is to Etats-Unis )