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The Artworks of Ernie Gerzabek and of topic Abstracted

Ernie Gerzabek - Wolf track (555)Wolf track (555)Ernie Gerzabek

Dark forest separating the bright blue sky from the blinding, sparkling snow covered field. ;There is a track but where is the wolf?

Ernie Gerzabek - Sneak the snake (687)Sneak the snake (687)Ernie Gerzabek

Abstract painting evoking the colours, patterns and textures of outback Australia. ;A free flowing, playful study in colour relationships using burnt oranges, yellows and greenish blues.;Substantially intuitive: a very personal and subjective view of the landscape.;A homage to John Olsen, top Austra...

Ernie Gerzabek - Constellation S16Constellation S16Ernie Gerzabek

Inanimate CDs reborn as sparkling, living, ever-changing stars of the cosmos! ;A kaleidoscopic display of all the colours of the rainbow, ;shifting patterns and striking light beams. ;Never the same image, constantly changing according to minute shift of your viewpoint and prevailing light condit...

Ernie Gerzabek - Desert spectrum shift (459) - artist-s collectionDesert spectrum shift (459) - artist's collectionErnie Gerzabek

Abstract painting inspired by the unique colours of the Australian desert: burnt oranges, sandy yellows, faded driftwood and Spinifex greens. ;A study in the relationships of such special colours; harmonies, contrasts, counterpoints and accents. ;At the same time the composition is relying on a ple...