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The Artworks of Asbjorn Lonvig

Asbjorn Lonvig - Stage 21 - The Louvre PyramidStage 21 - The Louvre PyramidAsbjorn Lonvig

The Louvre Pyramid seen from Rye de Rivoli

Asbjorn Lonvig - Stage 21 - Riders took a break-Stage 21 - Riders took a break?Asbjorn Lonvig

On the first part of Stage 21 the riders took a break. Somebody said that they had seen their bikes outside Moulin Rouge.

Asbjorn Lonvig - Stage 21 - They pass by L-église de la MadeleineStage 21 - They pass by L'église de la MadeleineAsbjorn Lonvig

In TV we saw the church every time we passed by. 8 times.

Asbjorn Lonvig - Stage 11 - The Canon Ball wins his 3rd stageStage 11 - The Canon Ball wins his 3rd stageAsbjorn Lonvig

The Canon Ball wins his 3rd stage in The Tour de France 2011.;But can he win 5 stages as usual?

Asbjorn Lonvig - Stage 2 - Tour de France 2011 Stage 2 - Tour de France 2011 Asbjorn Lonvig

Tour de France 2011 Stage 2. Les Essarts to Les Essarts, 23 km. A team time trail.

Asbjorn Lonvig - Stage 21 - Passing by Napoleon-s SarcophagusStage 21 - Passing by Napoleon's SarcophagusAsbjorn Lonvig

It is certainly one of the largest tombs I've ever seen. It is set right in the center of Les Invalides on the bottom floor, allowing visitors to get a bird's eye view of every inch of the tomb.;Is Napoleon really inside?