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The Artworks of Jose Manuel Solares

Jose Manuel Solares - Athlete winner .Athlete winner .Jose Manuel Solares

Theshard from an amphora greekwoman . ; The greek classic not understand the competition as in currently , he rose the look to the heroes of the time archaic and aspired to you imitate . In reality , jut among the others committed to an action community , Aristotle defined it as “ be comunitario” ( ...

Jose Manuel Solares - PappagalloPappagalloJose Manuel Solares

Islamic calligraphy Relief a parrot. Pakistan, Lahore Central Museum. The development of calligraphy as an art is linked to the fact that Islam forbids the worship of figurative representations and calligraphy is offered in holy places a substitute for figural decoration. Instead of representing God...

Jose Manuel Solares - Oedipus and the Sphinx.Oedipus and the Sphinx.Jose Manuel Solares

In Ancient Greece, ceramics, was probably Introduced from Asia in the late third millennium BC Followed Various forms have its evolution until the red-figure style, we can see In this interpretation Kylix embossed V century BC Attic
According To Greek mythology, the Sphinx had the task of overs...