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The Artworks of Emanuele Cardone

Emanuele Cardone - ICARUS ( Icarus )ICARUS ( Icarus )Emanuele Cardone

“Il inexplicable desire to overcome the own limits , to penetrate some reality another unknowable , to challenge himself in a race against time is the obstacles they life us imposes . And wounds , inner tracks that the world has left on us are no of course signs that represent a other point of start...

Emanuele Cardone - JUDITH ( Judith )JUDITH ( Judith )Emanuele Cardone

“Un sudden gesture that themselves leads the way through the mists by a heart full of pain , among the uneven paths by un’esistenza that themselves he would different , freedom to come on bonds twisted and purified through a dream which looks far , but yet and there , adumbrated by one unknown force...

Emanuele Cardone - PARTHENOPE ( Partenope )PARTHENOPE ( Partenope )Emanuele Cardone

“Una voice that slowly becomes a call d’amore through the waves by the sea , freedom to , to welcome in itself the thought towards a destiny different which no you can grasp and then the darkness that covers her own soul and the renunciation that tarpa the wings of desire defeated by one reality tha...