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The Artworks of Neetu Vishwakarma

Neetu Vishwakarma - BULL BOYSBULL BOYSNeetu Vishwakarma

Modern art embraces a wide variety of movements, theories, and attitudes whose modernism resides particularly in a tendency to reject traditional, historical, or academic forms and conventions in an effort to create an art more in keeping with changed social, economic, and intellectual conditions.

Neetu Vishwakarma - MORNING RAYSMORNING RAYSNeetu Vishwakarma

The painting represents Morning sun rays on forest create wonderful space of the beauty of nature.

Neetu Vishwakarma - TapasyaTapasyaNeetu Vishwakarma

This Painting reflect the power of 'heat'.In Vedic religion and Hinduism, it is used figuratively, denoting spiritual suffering, mortification or austerity, and also the spiritual ecstasy of a yogin or Tapasa.In the yogic tradition, tapasya may be translated as 'essential energy', referring to a foc...

Neetu Vishwakarma - REFLECTIONSREFLECTIONSNeetu Vishwakarma

I lay a blank piece of canvas on the floor. At this point I know what colours I am using and the basic structure of what I want to produce. I can see very clearly what the finished article will look like. Right down to the sizes of the strokes, depth of colour, how many layers it will be composed of...

Neetu Vishwakarma - PEACEPEACENeetu Vishwakarma

This painting reflect the moods of the sea and the weather, light, changing conditions and energy that create those moods Peace and beauty of seascape.