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The Artworks of style Visionary and of topic Spiritual

13 Moon Arts - Seahorse SceptreSeahorse Sceptre13 Moon Arts

Inspired by a seahorse, this design contains jade & phrenite with amethyst beads atop a 7 cm greenish himalayan quartz point. Total length 40 cm (including hanging chain)

13 Moon Arts - Amethyst Temple SceptreAmethyst Temple Sceptre13 Moon Arts

Beautiful symmetrical design containing amethyst & chevron amethyst with 6.5 cm sparkling clear quartz point. ;Total length 40 cm (including hanging chain)

13 Moon Arts - Quartz SwishQuartz Swish13 Moon Arts

This design features a central piece of peachy coloured Himalayan quartz with smoky citrine & rose quartz, drops to an 8.5 cm Himalayan quartz point.

13 Moon Arts - DivinityDivinity13 Moon Arts

This design features a central piece of apopholyte with 4 pieces of clear quartz within intricate wire framework. Drops to a 6 cm quartz point.

13 Moon Arts - Blue MoonBlue Moon13 Moon Arts

Serene crescent design featuring blue geode cave, blue calcite & clear quartz with lead crystal beading, dropping to a beautiful 8.5 cm chunky clear quartz drop with blue calcite feature. Main design 17 x 15 cm & total length 70 cm (including hanging chain)

13 Moon Arts - Dancing Amethyst SceptreDancing Amethyst Sceptre13 Moon Arts

This resplendent piece contains 6 stones of striking colour, they are lepidolite, yellow opal, fluorite & 5 cm amethyst point.

13 Moon Arts - Chakra ChainChakra Chain13 Moon Arts

Popular design with therapists, seven chakra system represented by red coral, orange agate, orange calcite, aventurine, blue agate, amethyst & clear quartz, the wire work winds through the heart chakra representing the spiraling D.N.A. strand.