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Alexander Presniakov - Neptune’s ConquestNeptune’s ConquestAlexander Presniakov

Neptune rises triumphantly from the sea with his young bride at his side. His previous lover, unable to let go, clings to his waist in a moment of despair. A mermaid blows into a seashell announcing his union.

Gerard Dusuel - -Mélancolie -"Mélancolie "Gerard Dusuel

Pastel on paper Canson 160 grs ; This young blonde woman , after an night search the bars , n'a unable to find knight serving as to its taste ! Return at her , almost undressed , she is sad melancholy . . .

Kristin Abraham - Genus Tulipa Sub RosaGenus Tulipa Sub RosaKristin Abraham

Genus Tulipa Sub Rosa ;(Tulip Secret);24 x 30';acrylic on canvas;Habitat Gallery, Denver, CO;Is it Utah, or just another self-portrait? This painting originates with fossils and tulips. Dinosaur skeletons resurface throughout the state and tulips blanket an eerily spotless Salt Lake City. What is hi...

Bernard Elliott - Bette Davis EyesBette Davis EyesBernard Elliott

the most important part of this paintiing has to do with the eyes and thats all..so nothing more is needed

Raymonde Tormo - Naked not  29   pensively Naked not 29 pensively Raymonde Tormo

nude woman at lap the eyes drops on the background bistre

Sidhe Forest - Golden Bright EyesGolden Bright EyesSidhe Forest

I have started early on some Autumn and Halloween Paintings. Here is the newest Bright Eyes addition for Fall, Enjoy!;THIS IS AN ORIGINAL PAINTING. Not a print or reproduction. This painting is on stretched wrapped canvas. The sides are painted, so there's no need to frame it. Finished with a protec...

Christophe Novel - CalypsoCalypsoChristophe Novel

'And she found him sitting on the shore, and never his eyes were full of tears, and life, that is so sweet
he consumed a sigh after his return, because the nymph he did not.
Homer - The Odyssey - Canto V

Eixea Véronique - The GlanceThe GlanceEixea Véronique

The glance - FEBRUARY 2016 - protected work copyrightdepot . com ; Explanation of l' opens : ; This woman which n'entend almost not and n'aime not a lot talk , observes and knows as l'unique truth of each themselves found in the glance !

Joma Sipe Vila Nova De Gaia - The Key Of LifeThe Key Of LifeJoma Sipe Vila Nova De Gaia

With the Key of Life that all reaches and in pair opens.;In an Universe without fear, where the Inner Peace exists.;I am afraid of nothing and in the veil of time the past exists no more.;From all came from far, in the boats of Light that I have done for myself.;I receive in my arms and make necklac...