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The Artworks of topic Figurative Imaginative and with the specified color and ...

Georges Mathieu - Horse head in the bracketHorse head in the bracketGeorges Mathieu

The selected works of Saint-Lô Caracoles National Stud 2013

Philhelm Philhelm - P169 -The origin of the tiger on earth from the Priests of Dongba, Naxi. 2013P169 -The origin of the tiger on earth from the Priests of Dongba, Naxi. 2013Philhelm Philhelm

You may already know 'The origin of the horse on earth,' thanks to my previous painting P168 referenced on my website in the 'Art Gallery', here finally, 'The origin of the Tiger' In the same spirit, since, as you now know, this table is read like a book that actually exists in the original format 9...

Philhelm Philhelm - M90 – HORSE MINOAN STUNG - 2008M90 – HORSE MINOAN STUNG - 2008Philhelm Philhelm

M90 – HORSE MINOAN STUNG - 2008. Acrylic on canvas 95 x 120 cm.- 37,4 x 47,2 inches ;MINOAN / Acrylic on canvas 95 x 120 cm.- 37,4 x 47,2 inches (Text translated by Google) / This table is filled with symbols from Minoan seals without power for much, they decide to sacred connotations of personal ...

Bust Glass - wall lamp - the head of the wicked wolf . -wall lamp " the head of the wicked wolf . "Bust Glass

a description of this art work is in my article ' a new glass technology . . . ' on this site .

Stephen J Vattimo Illustrations - The Three WitnessesThe Three WitnessesStephen J Vattimo Illustrations

Acrylic on Canvas;Size :48'x 68';Year finished: 2004-14 ;This painting illustrates three witness who are taking part in the salvation;of a homeless person. the figure in the background are angles, this imposed by them being Positioned on second floor balconies,symbolizing they are not humans,they a...

Tom Lund-Lack - Head OnHead OnTom Lund-Lack

Oil on board representation of the effort to win. Six tons of pressure on each pastern, 50 litres of air per breath and 0-50 in 4 seconds. Worth celebrating!

Nilgun Akyol - portrait of shahmaranportrait of shahmaranNilgun Akyol

Anatolian mythology, the goddess of wisdom and the guardian of secrets is Shahmeran, an anthropomorphic figure with a female head on a snake body. Her story can be traced from the Middle East to India with different fictions, one variation is also found in the Arabian Night Tales as the story of Jem...

Alexander Presniakov - Reflections Reflections Alexander Presniakov

It captures the moment a beautiful young lady is caught up in reflecting about her lover as wind from an open balcony blows up her dress. She is happy about her future with her new found love. The gargoyle head in the upper left hand corner represents the previous disappointments of her romantic pa...

Yves Frémin - stalk from  equine stalk from equine Yves Frémin

A nude not necessarily recognisable at first bang d'œil . In effect his attitude n'est not banal . The lady is sitting on his feet , the head drooping onward ; his long stalk of horse bygone par-dessus her head to follow the edge left of painitng .