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The Artworks of media Gravação and containing the word james stow, gravação, impressionismo, urbanas

James Stow - Felix Buhot -Gardiens du logis- Original Etching-drypointFelix Buhot "Gardiens du logis" Original Etching-drypointJames Stow

What a great example og French Art , from the French Impressionism Movement ! Gardiens du logis . A great example of Buhots work, This is a recorded image and is in the BG Catalogue # 76 and in great condition.

James Stow - H. Daumier - Le Public du Salon - Original LithographH. Daumier " Le Public du Salon " Original LithographJames Stow

' Le Public du Salon ' .Original Lithograph , published London , 1915 This is a great opportunity to own a work of Daumier best known for his Studies of the Human condition in Paris of 19th Century . The work measures 7.50 by 8.75 inches with margins. Over all in Good condition.

James Stow - Richard Parks Bonnington -Bologna- Original EtchingRichard Parks Bonnington "Bologna" Original EtchingJames Stow

' Bologne '.Original Etching on early laid paper Published final state from Gazzette des Beau Arts ,Paris . This is recorded in the catalalogue resume 62,final state . The work measures 5 by 7.50 inches with a one eight of a inch margins on 18th century paper. Take Note , This image has sold in the ...

James Stow - Jacques Callot -DEUX GRANDES VUES DE PARIS-EtchingJacques Callot "DEUX GRANDES VUES DE PARIS"EtchingJames Stow

Rare,18 century impression of DEUX GRANDES VUES DE PARIS,early 18th century watermarked paper with the watermark of JUG . Specially rare impression of this image found on 18th century paper , much finer than the later impression published in Etchers and Etchings 1868. This is impression is very good...

James Stow - Jean Forain   -Au Cafe-   Plate Signed EtchingJean Forain "Au Cafe" Plate Signed EtchingJames Stow

Lovely plate signed etching by French Post Impressionist Artist, ' Au Cafe ' Plate signed on Holland paper. Sheet size 4.50 by 6.25 inches and in good condition.

James Stow - James Whistler  -The Tiny Pool-James Whistler "The Tiny Pool"James Stow

This Etching & Drypoint etched 1879 . Recorded in the Catalogue (kennedy) K17 on wove paper with the faint BUTTERFLY mongram in the image. This little Treasure measurs 3 7/8 x 2 5/8in with nice margins.

James Stow - Eugene Isabey -Environs de Dieppe- Original LithographEugene Isabey "Environs de Dieppe" Original LithographJames Stow

'Environs de Dieppe' .Original Lithograph , published London , 1915 This is a great opportunity to own a work of Eugen Isabey best known for his Landscapes of 19th Century . The work measures 5.50 by 7.25 inches with margins. Over all in Good condition.

James Stow - G.B. Jongkind  -Moulins Holland- Original EtchingG.B. Jongkind "Moulins Holland" Original EtchingJames Stow

Out standing Original Lithograph by J. B. Jomnkind , the Impressionist Dutch painter, etcher. He was also among one the early Teachers to Claude Monet. Original Plate signed etching by J.B. Jongkind. This is on Laid paper and in good condition. The Sheet measures 5.50 by 7.50 inches .This is in good...

James Stow - Jacques Villon -Cafe Blanche - Colored AquatintJacques Villon "Cafe Blanche " Colored AquatintJames Stow

Great Abstract example by the French Fauve Artist-Jacques Villon. This is a great image ,Colored aquatint printed with color printed from the copper plate in a edition of 300 on soft wove arches paper. Etching measures 9 by 6.50 inches plus margins. This impression and in good condition and unsigned...