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The Artworks of media 紙の上にペイント and containing the word rosy, line, 紙の上にペイント, イラスト, 架空の

Rosy- Line - Happy on EasterHappy on EasterRosy- Line

ANDRÉA and marie return happy at them , the cart filled d'oeufs in chocolate

Rosy- Line - A beautiful egg in the nest blandineA beautiful egg in the nest blandineRosy- Line

Before get away , Andrea looks a last time him behind be marked a beautiful egg in the nest blandine .

Rosy- Line - The old rooster matoudiThe old rooster matoudiRosy- Line

Ponpon the sweet proposed d'aller see matoudi , the heavily old cock sleeping on the roof the hut chickens . ; ' Ooh ! Ooh ! Matoudi , come VITE see , the rare eggs mysterious in our nest ? ' ; Matoudi themselves despatched d'aller see this curiosity .

Rosy- Line - out a egg abstruseout a egg abstruseRosy- Line

One morning , time when BLANDINE had left his some nest minutes only , to go drink the pond , she found an egg stranger , he was very different from others eggs , all blue dots white . BLANDINE themselves asked who had well have filed this egg mysterious in its nest ?

Rosy- Line - BLANDINE is holding eggs warm waiting EasterBLANDINE is holding eggs warm waiting EasterRosy- Line

(suite joyous Easter ) ; The next day , Blandine replied a second egg as beautiful and also white that the first . ; Off after ten days , there were ten eggs in its nest all as beautiful and also white , each that other .

Rosy- Line - My heart you said thank you .My heart you said thank you .Rosy- Line

Nothing that to you ! ; ' My Heart tells you thank you . ' ; Is dedicated exclusively to all my fans of theworld over visitors days after my days gallery . ; MERCI the sites that host my illustrations and who without them would have remained in the black at background d'un drawer . ; Thanks to you ,...

Rosy- Line - marie and andrea pick eggs in the gardenmarie and andrea pick eggs in the gardenRosy- Line

Ponpon the sweet call her sisters and blandine . ; ' Come to see , ANDRÉA and marie are in the garden with a basket , they pick eggs in chocolate ' . ; All the basse-cour hastens has the fence . ; Matoudi the old rooster sings ' Come to see in the nest hens , the rare eggs in chocolate '


Happy Easter ; L'histoire happens in the henhouse lady Petitraca . ; By one nice day of spring , Blandine all white goose had builds its nest with from there straw , small feathers and plenty d'amour . ; In its beautiful nest , Blandine replied a beautiful egg all white and this put on it to keep th...

Rosy- Line - the voilencielthe voilencielRosy- Line

Following l'histoire the kingdom of dentartenciels ; ' You go t'aider . ' said cherry . ; ' We'll build you a Voilenciel . the voilenciel is one boat made leaves and provided with sails . He is very light , as light qu'une feather . ' ; Spiders themselves began has l'ouvrage . Matiti , Apple , ceris...