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The Artworks of media Stampa and containing the word kanoa aikala, nelson, stampa, immagine, tribale

Kanoa Aikala-Nelson - AI-KA-LAAI-KA-LAKanoa Aikala-Nelson

Ai= means to take in, ingest, eat, or consume. Ka= means the. La= means light or day, as in sun light or day time, metaphorically meaning life force/soul/or spirit. ;Ai-Ka-La= represents taking in the light of life its self, Living to the fullest or as my Kumu(teacher) put it, 'To embrace the Day'.

Kanoa Aikala-Nelson - He-e Nalu / night surfingHe'e Nalu / night surfingKanoa Aikala-Nelson

Night surfing at Waikiki, it is in honor of Hawaii's beach boy culture. From my Dad to his dad to the many generations of beach boys in Waikiki since the arrival of Hawaiian people. To Duke Kahanamoku who took our surfing tradition around the world. Some of my favorite times was night surfing at Wai...

Kanoa Aikala-Nelson - Pele of the volcanoePele of the volcanoeKanoa Aikala-Nelson

Pele is known as keeper of the pit, the earth oven, millions of people come every year to see her magical glow and awe inspiring fires.;Pele is probably the most remembered chiefess of old Hawai'i. She is a woman of duality, not unlike all the ancestral chiefs. Her rath is devistating, yet her compa...

Kanoa Aikala-Nelson - Hi-iaka - HopoeHi'iaka & HopoeKanoa Aikala-Nelson

Hi'iaka was known as Pele's sister, Hopoe was the one who taught hi'iaka how to dance the hula. They were known to be lovers of some kind, when Hi'iaka came back late from a mission for Pele, Pele, out of jealousy killed Hopoe and broke hi'iaka's heart. Then in revenge Hi'iaka had a lover affair wit...

Kanoa Aikala-Nelson - From Mauka to MakaiFrom Mauka to MakaiKanoa Aikala-Nelson

From Mauka to Makai displays my Great GrandFather farming Taro to make poi for his 'Ohana / Family. And Fishing for I'a or a variety of fish to feed his wife and kids which my Tutu or grandmother was one of them. Mauka = mountains, Makai = ocean, it shows a life of balance. On a symbolic level Hawai...

Kanoa Aikala-Nelson - The Birth of a KingThe Birth of a KingKanoa Aikala-Nelson

The image shows the Birth of Kamehameha the great being born as Koko iki or halley's comet flies over head to indicate the uniter of the kingdom has been born. Kamehameha suffered the seperation from his mother as the King of his reigon sent out assasins to kill all first born males, the king hoping...

Kanoa Aikala-Nelson - KALAI KI-IKALAI KI'IKanoa Aikala-Nelson

Kalai Ki'i= is the art of wood carving, in this art form the carver must know chants and theories of grounding an ancestral spirit into an image. The source is only one but Hawaiians believe their connection to that source comes through the lineage passed on by direct transmition of aquired Mana. Ev...

Kanoa Aikala-Nelson - Ho-oponoponoHo'oponoponoKanoa Aikala-Nelson

This picture represents the Hawaiian healing process for restoring and repairing broken relationships through forgiveness, sincerity, respect, and clear communication. Of course, humility is the first step to this process. The man kneeling before the woman represents humbling pride, denial, and ar...

Kanoa Aikala-Nelson - Maui fishing up Hawai-iMaui fishing up Hawai'iKanoa Aikala-Nelson

Maui was known for many magical feats, yet one of his greatest was fishing up Hawai'i. On day Maui went fishing with his brothers, with him he took a magical fish hook from his grandmother called Manai a Kalani or needle to sew the heavens and earth. He threw his hook in and caught what he thought t...

Kanoa Aikala-Nelson - Kamehameha lifting the Naha StoneKamehameha lifting the Naha StoneKanoa Aikala-Nelson

A prophesy circulated Hawai'i that who ever lifted the Naha stone would unite the Island chain and end the waring between different Island Kings and Cheifs. As a Teen age Boy it was said Pai 'Ea lifted this stone after three days of prayer and meditation. Later on he became known as Kamehameha the G...