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The Artworks of media Mixt and containing the word ma, thé van sante, mixt, imaginary, dream

Annie Predal - Submit me  out the  time in  from  dream  sold Submit me out the time in from dream sold Annie Predal

Small text registered on linen ; So my soul s’en went , blithely ; Me l’ai transported au-delà border torment ; The time d’un moment to , my dreams and l molten ; i am locked in my bladder d’illusions ; The privilege to dream m’est yet granted ; Leave i travel in my coded imaginary ; Or no n’est lic...

France Mannaioni - MEDITERANNEEMEDITERANNEEFrance Mannaioni

nature is often my fountain d'inspiration and j'ai used here of flowers d'agaves which , dried are becoming solids such as wooden . l'agave born flowery qu'une only time and die then . Me l'ai my a way little in immortalized .

Bernadette Lopicki - gate d-Hammametgate d'HammametBernadette Lopicki

Workart sold , opportunity to in order the format that you will please

Bernadette Lopicki - gate Blue  at the  fish in gate Blue at the fish in Bernadette Lopicki

made my return from one travel up in Tunisia

Detante Michel - blue morning at Pont-à-Barblue morning at Pont-à-BarDetante Michel

'Par the evenings blues d'été , j'irai them on footpaths Picoté by wheat , tread l'herbe petite : Dreamer , j'en feel the cool at my feet , I will leave the wind bathe my letterhead naked . . . ' C'est funny how rimbaud stick to my soles this morning ! The port is the , most important the fog . The ...