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The Artworks of media Canvas Acrylic and containing the word aldo carhuancho herrera, canvas acrylic, contempory, ecology

Aldo Carhuancho Herrera - the roar of Jaguarthe roar of JaguarAldo Carhuancho Herrera

craft ecological , which deals with exploitation of the jungle amazon by the modern man

Aldo Carhuancho Herrera - the arrival of gulliver IIthe arrival of gulliver IIAldo Carhuancho Herrera

second version , aboard ell theme of confrontation between the giant and it little represented by the peasants who lived its custom millennia of work about the earth and contact with this and the great multinational that evicts by his power to these to explote its means and change it everything

Aldo Carhuancho Herrera - never morenever moreAldo Carhuancho Herrera

painted paint for the event of peace and reconnaissance in huancayo - Peru , the theme it is the peace represented in the hands splitting a rifle like symbol of start of the peace the end of violence , front at a representative scene in the years of violence at the Peru where those hundreds to dead ...

Aldo Carhuancho Herrera - roninroninAldo Carhuancho Herrera

ronin the serpent cosmic , it represents wisdom , it at creator of universe

Aldo Carhuancho Herrera - huacónhuacónAldo Carhuancho Herrera

huacón is a character i symbolizes to the authority representing it at condor , the mask he has his nose large in symbol to beak of condor , it is the authority which depicts to the gods and good to give justice people to

Aldo Carhuancho Herrera - ChuruChuruAldo Carhuancho Herrera

free composition inspired upon the over Life navy

Aldo Carhuancho Herrera - MujuMujuAldo Carhuancho Herrera

Muju means the seed , the beginning is a world of infinite forms