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The Artworks of media Bonding and containing the word lemock artist, bonding, art contempory, abstraction symbolic

Lemock Artist - The words meaningThe words meaningLemock Artist

Words do not always say what they are supposed to say. They sometimes come collide and mix in order to create a hard to crack screen. What meaning all gibberish he?

Lemock Artist - Imposed CultureImposed CultureLemock Artist

It is sometimes difficult to resist the dominant culture. Always be justified to be next to the powerline, looked through such an innocent suspect.

Lemock Artist - The red squar gostsThe red squar gostsLemock Artist

Always lurks strategic and central location, the enemy crippling that we fight. It is lurking in the shadows of our bad conscience and spying on us, ready to disclose secret information. From our past, our present accompanied until the fateful moment of our liberation. This path depends on us.

Lemock Artist - Road passionRoad passionLemock Artist

By fragments, memories weave and tend their images on frames that we will frame the walls of our past pleasures. The road is a motor imagination. Moments of healthy solitude conducive to reflect future mirroring his past.