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The Artworks of media Acrilyc and containing the word bicard wable, acrilyc, contempory, nature in

Bicard Wable - the tree of knowledgethe tree of knowledgeBicard Wable

Acrylic paint on cavnas - always what fondness them for trees , i am left guide .

Bicard Wable - Three TreesThree TreesBicard Wable

Acrylic paint on cavnas . Three trees denuded are waiting the spring to regain their habit leaves .

Bicard Wable - flower painting SOLD. flower painting SOLD. Bicard Wable

acrylic paint on cavnas , i am inspired of the painting chinese , while keeping the coast contempory .

Bicard Wable - small flower small flower Bicard Wable

Acrylic paint on cavnas . a day full of sun , a need to find the nature , born to think at l'hiver and his frostbite .

Bicard Wable - The holidays roxaneThe holidays roxaneBicard Wable

D'après a photo the holidays d'une friend . j'ai had a knock of heart and j'ai wanted to interpret this landscape without per l'abstrait .

Bicard Wable - it is summer season it is summer season Bicard Wable

Acrylic paint on cavnas . C'est a nice period the sun is the ( realistically ! ) wheat are ripe , color the beautiful autumn

Bicard Wable - the horse fantastic the horse fantastic Bicard Wable

Second price Contests ' the nature in any its arts ' has the gallery Communic'Art . 2007/2008 . acrylic paint on cavnas . Certificate d'authenticité .

Bicard Wable - two over  out a two over out a Bicard Wable

Deal of difference from your came the real and the photo , bottom of my painting yellow is very bright and no orange , just footsteps d'orange . j'ai a passion them for trees , they have a soul , they are rights and proud , twisted and gnarled , c'est a wonderfully of nature .

Bicard Wable - The declineThe declineBicard Wable

A small poem on the left side from there cavnas , This painting is framed white . Pink background who gives despite the theme a note cheerfulness , post l'hiver , the spring , the trees grow green .