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The Artworks of media Acrilyc and containing the word bicard wable, acrilyc, contempory, abstact

Bicard Wable - THE SQUARE golden THE SQUARE golden Bicard Wable

acrylic paint on cavnas up and blasted resinous

Bicard Wable - For us l-EternitéFor us l'EternitéBicard Wable

Acrylic paint on cavnas , inspired by one song d'Edith Little bird .

Bicard Wable - Rain d-étéRain d'étéBicard Wable

Work l'éponge , and then wiped with a brush with a cloth round brush

Bicard Wable - Thou n-es that dustThou n'es that dustBicard Wable

Acrylic paint on cavnas . Everything n'est that dust , for l'être humane that incites at l'humilité , us have all the same destination . off after the road the late physical body .

Bicard Wable - Tribute to Zao Wou-KiTribute to Zao Wou-KiBicard Wable

j'ai profound admiration for zao Wou-Ki and modestly , because i n'ai not his talent , j'ai wanted to pay tribute , to show him my admiration . acrylic paint on canvases , c'est a diptych , two paintings l'une beside dice l'autre .

Bicard Wable - Wink d-oeil muriel C .Wink d'oeil muriel C .Bicard Wable

First large format and i me am entertained . acrylic paint on cavnas . i had of doing a small wink d'oeil muriel Cayet to whom i dedicate an admiration for its great work . This painting will not for sale , it has rained has my husband

Bicard Wable - The declineThe declineBicard Wable

A small poem on the left side from there cavnas , This painting is framed white . Pink background who gives despite the theme a note cheerfulness , post l'hiver , the spring , the trees grow green .

Bicard Wable - Heart sacred Heart sacred Bicard Wable

Acrylic paint on cavnas . Always the work my inspiration