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The Artworks of media Acrilic On Canvas and containing the word jean, claude selles brotons, acrilic on canvas, impressionismo, lanscapes

Jean-Claude Selles Brotons - The tit on the silver birchThe tit on the silver birchJean-Claude Selles Brotons

A session of work ' went prima ' to define and study the areas d'ombres and of lights that shape the shapes and direction d'un tree , like the silver birch . The tit ( a small MÊLE ) enlivens this canvas linen has l'acrylique .

Jean-Claude Selles Brotons - The peak epeiche on the silver birch . . .The peak epeiche on the silver birch . . .Jean-Claude Selles Brotons

Workart alla prima performed during d'une special day ' Display ' has l'Atelier d'Art inventory of the gallery downtown Cultura has PAU-LESCAR . A sincere success before a numerous public as for this canvas has collected applause by late his this realization saturday 28 aug 2010 .

Jean-Claude Selles Brotons - In the Sunshine of the MexicoIn the Sunshine of the MexicoJean-Claude Selles Brotons

A voucher hat for the sunshine ; . . mexico . A playing from light and d'ombre

Jean-Claude Selles Brotons - Gathering rice - Thai CAMBODIAGathering rice - Thai CAMBODIAJean-Claude Selles Brotons

The picker rice , Thai , games d'ombres and of lights in the rice fields Cambodia .

Jean-Claude Selles Brotons - The cigarette wheeler - PeruThe cigarette wheeler - PeruJean-Claude Selles Brotons

A work which s'inscrit in the series ' lights and shadows ' . . .