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The Artworks of media Printed and containing the word frank demma, printed, geometrical, architecture

Frank Demma - Chicago Police StationChicago Police StationFrank Demma

While working for Gardner Display, I was often called upon to design scenes and buildings for large exhibits around the country. One such assignment was to be a huge exhibit at McCormick Hall in Chicago. The assignment was to design a new Police Station for the Chicago Police Department. This is my ...

Frank Demma - Collie DogCollie DogFrank Demma

A friend of mine bred collie dogs and I bought three from him. I kept one and gave the other two to family. I was so taken with my pet that I decided it was time to do his portrait. After taking many pictures, I chose this one and proceeded to sketch it. While doing this I came to the conclusio...

Frank Demma - Dog RacesDog RacesFrank Demma

Inspiration for “Dog Races” came after attending many races. As an artist, I was enthralled with the action, lighting and motion of these dogs as the race progressed. The speed of the dogs stirring up the dust added to the action of the scene. I determined the best media to use for this piece was ...

Frank Demma - Circus in the RoundCircus in the RoundFrank Demma

;I always loved the circus especially the ones that were in the tents. When Barnum & Bailey would come to town, it was one of my favorite times of the year. The big tent would have three separate rings with so much action a person didn't know which one to watch first. The excitement of the trape...

Yogesh Kumar Agrawal - genisesgenisesYogesh Kumar Agrawal

master art by Mr. S.k.nag An Indian Artist