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The Artworks of media Painting and containing the word judy lynn, painting, impressionism, architecture

Judy Lynn - Rue Mouffetard (Sold)Rue Mouffetard (Sold)Judy Lynn

This is a scene in the Contrascarp section of Paris not far from the Sorbonne and the Luxembourg Gardens. It is like an independent little village, but also popular with tourists.

Judy Lynn - -Behind the Chapel-  (sold)"Behind the Chapel" (sold)Judy Lynn

This is a scene from behind the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. I purposely did not include the location in the title allowing the viewer to write their own 'story.' It could be any chapel, anywhere.

Judy Lynn - -Across from Side Street-  (sold)"Across from Side Street" (sold)Judy Lynn

A scene from Historic Oakwood near downtown Raleigh, NC. It is a restored Victorian neighborhood that bridges the early 20th Century with today's active lifestyle.

Judy Lynn - -Before Millers Creek-  (sold)"Before Millers Creek" (sold)Judy Lynn

This is a scene from the mountains of NC, USA. Shortly after this was painted, the house portrayed was burned to the ground, very sad, and the entire farm/property is now for sale.

Aleksandr Dubrovskyy - blooming meadow painting by aleksandr dubrovskyyblooming meadow painting by aleksandr dubrovskyyAleksandr Dubrovskyy

Painting : oil on canvas . ; Ships in a tube ; Shipping included ; I would like to convey the fragrance of a herb meadow . . . ; The picture is painted in the open air . The picture is painted on canvas with oil paints . Responsible for the quality of each of my paintings . I am sending a picture of...

Martina Krupickova - Corinthia 2018Corinthia 2018Martina Krupickova

rom the collection inspired by the beautiful Czech landscape around my hometown.;Since that first painting in 1999, I believe I’ve developed my own style. The light is the most important part of the painting. It can give the right sparkle or completely destroy it. I try to capture the right balance ...