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The Artworks of media Painting On Canvas and containing the word scott andrew spencer, painting on canvas, original painting, people

Scott Andrew Spencer - CraniumCraniumScott Andrew Spencer

Smart guy, too intelligent for his own good. Big head. Blue, red, brown, black, white, male, head, face, glasses, figurative, abstract.

Scott Andrew Spencer - For the BirdsFor the BirdsScott Andrew Spencer

This painting feels a little like a Damien Hirst to me, or maybe Neo Rauch.

Scott Andrew Spencer - Lady LautrecLady LautrecScott Andrew Spencer

I love Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's art. So chock-full of emotion.

Sylvia Kula - Canvas Eye. NOT FOR SALE.Canvas Eye. NOT FOR SALE.Sylvia Kula

Original painting, acrylic on canvas, size 300x210mm.;Original NOT FOR SALE but Posters and Prints available.;For PORTRAITS from your own photos visit ww.SylviaKulaArt.com (samples & prices).

Scott Andrew Spencer - Road HomeRoad HomeScott Andrew Spencer

The paths and roads we travel all lead to home. Black, brown, red, grey, gray, earth tones, pink, abstract, figures, people.

Dhsart Studio - Spring nudeSpring nudeDhsart Studio

Title: spring nude;size:24x36x1.5inch.;Medium:Oil painting,Thicken texture ;Inspiration:;Nude with abstract background. I like it's color and compostion.;I like express inner things in women by abstract background.In fact, everthing in woman heart is difficult to speak clearly. ;The multi textureed...

Dhsart Studio - Flying DreamFlying DreamDhsart Studio

Title: Flying Dream ;size:36x36x1.5inch.;Medium:Oil painting,Thicken texture ;Inspiration: ;This is a Gorgeous,Original ,oil painting on canvas, The model join in the abstract background. The whole painting is full of myterious oriental . I want to express the giving and honest in woman The multi te...

Dhsart Studio - dancer in black skirtdancer in black skirtDhsart Studio

Title: Dancer in black skirt ;size:36x36x1.5inch.;Medium:Oil painting,Thicken texture ;Inspiration:;This is a Gorgeous,Original ,oil painting on canvas, ;Red and abstract style background make this dancer active and modern.;The washes brush strokes and texture give people deeply impression.;gallery ...