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The Artworks of media Painting On Canvas and containing the word scott andrew spencer, painting on canvas, figurative, cats

Scott Andrew Spencer - Backward Glance (SOLD)Backward Glance (SOLD)Scott Andrew Spencer

Includes shipping in United States of America. Cat, kitty, feline, animal, large, black, white, red, blue, tan, beige, ocher, ochre, oil painting on canvas, expressionistic, expressionism.

Scott Andrew Spencer - Lady TuesdayLady TuesdayScott Andrew Spencer

She could only sit for a little while, had other things to do. Red, blue, black, white, grey, gray, pink, drips, drippy, loose, gestural.

Scott Andrew Spencer - Arrangement for CelloArrangement for CelloScott Andrew Spencer

I painted this while listening to Beethoven and Chopin. Price includes shipping in U.S.A. Music, instrument, expressionism, abstract, violoncello, musical, painted to music, grey, gray, white, red, black, blue.

Scott Andrew Spencer - CraniumCraniumScott Andrew Spencer

Smart guy, too intelligent for his own good. Big head. Blue, red, brown, black, white, male, head, face, glasses, figurative, abstract.

Scott Andrew Spencer - Red HeadRed HeadScott Andrew Spencer

We had a beautiful model one night. She looked like Manet's 'Olympia'. Young and innocent. I thought even too young maybe. Anyway, this is what resulted. Red, figure, figurative, abstract, nude, naked, breasts, female, woman, girl, lady, blue, green, yellow, black, white, rack.

Chantal Rousselet - - te tamarii tahiti - --- - les petits Tahitians -" te tamarii tahiti " --- " les petits Tahitians "Chantal Rousselet

Work on command with pictures of 5 cats . ; Assembled on linen and up on stage by on painter