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The Artworks of media Painting On Canvas and containing the word james e. dunbar, painting on canvas, realism, portraits

James E. Dunbar - The Great Buddy GuyThe Great Buddy GuyJames E. Dunbar

The original buddy Guy is done in Color Pencil,but I have been selling numbered prints on canvas. The cost of the original one is $650.00

James E. Dunbar - Vision Of Jazz ( Louis Armstrong )Vision Of Jazz ( Louis Armstrong )James E. Dunbar

The sound that came out of the late great Mr. Armstrons horn was full of color!

James E. Dunbar - The Late Great Ray Charles #2The Late Great Ray Charles #2James E. Dunbar

This one is a beautiful arrangement of the colors Mr. Charles played and sang in!

James E. Dunbar - The Great Mr. B.B. KingThe Great Mr. B.B. KingJames E. Dunbar

Mr. B.B. King in concert! The one and only true Blues man!

James E. Dunbar - Dream BigDream BigJames E. Dunbar

This one has all of the pass and present black political leaders in it! This one is a one of a kind of painting it is very colllectable!!

James E. Dunbar - Ray CharlesRay CharlesJames E. Dunbar

Ray Charles is everyones favorite! He would could make you feel good just looking at his picture!

James E. Dunbar - Albert KingAlbert KingJames E. Dunbar

Mr. Abert King plays the blues so good that you would think he was the other side of B.B. King!

James E. Dunbar - Buddy Guy In ConcertBuddy Guy In ConcertJames E. Dunbar

This one show a beautiful shade of concert red that Mr. Guy was so well known for!!

James E. Dunbar - Stevie Ray VaughanStevie Ray VaughanJames E. Dunbar

Stevie we still love you!! Mr. Vaughan was truly a Blues man before his time,wow what the Blues world be like if you were still here!

James E. Dunbar - The Young Buddy GuyThe Young Buddy GuyJames E. Dunbar

This one is a great work of artistic detail that you can only see on a true Blues man! Add this one to your collection!