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The Artworks of media Painting On Canvas and containing the word isaac opoku badu, painting on canvas, figurative imaginative, women

Isaac Opoku Badu - preparing evening mealpreparing evening mealIsaac Opoku Badu

when in the evening and you go to compound houses you may see that women are busy preparing meal for their family .

Isaac Opoku Badu - Inter dependingInter dependingIsaac Opoku Badu

Every living thing depen on another living thing for daily bread . The man depend on God and the woman depen on the man , the child depend on the mother and the dog too depend on them

Isaac Opoku Badu - mother and childmother and childIsaac Opoku Badu

mother has great love for her child , she do every thing to help her child to grow well .

Anastasia Russa - violet universeviolet universeAnastasia Russa

violet universe . Apart from abstraction , colour and fluidity of the paint , I was concerned by the little pixel journey , which appeared in the “ women’s” company of giving birth universe .

Anastasia Russa - three gracesthree gracesAnastasia Russa

The difference between young and old can not be distinguished from looking at it from a distance . It seems that women are a kind of witch , who can be crones and young women simultaneously . If time was not perceived as a line it would happen this way .

Isaac Opoku Badu - market womenmarket womenIsaac Opoku Badu

when there is a market day ,women get up eary in the morning to the market centre to buy and sell