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The Artworks of media Painting On Canvas and containing the word charis psachos, painting on canvas, religious, expressionism

Charis Psachos - MotherMotherCharis Psachos

The brut sketch of a Madonna on abstract colors symbolizes the idea of a mother. The sketch is done without looking at the canvas most of the time. My intention is on the gesture and the emotional painting of the mother's idea.;Painting is 45X55cm with more than 2.5cm wide.;Oils and Acrylics used ...

Troy David - -Father Forgive Them-"Father Forgive Them"Troy David

1/1 Original Artwork;Title: 'Father Forgive Them';Medium: Watercolor, Acrylic;Media: Canvas;Size: 40(W)x30(L)x 1.38(D)Inches;Year: 2009;Framed: No;For Sale: Yes;Artist: Troy David;Copyrights: Troy David

Charis Psachos - AuraAuraCharis Psachos

Painting is created with oils, acrylics, pencils, and scratches on the surface. ;A captured moment from a quick sketch.

Scott Andrew Spencer - Creation of ManCreation of ManScott Andrew Spencer

abstract, black, white, David, Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel, ceiling, red, blue, gray, gray, tan, beige, religious, religion.

Charis Psachos - KissKissCharis Psachos

Abstract Synthesis.;Black and Red are filling the white space for a kiss.;Gestures and Lines mixed together for this abstract Synthesis.

Charis Psachos - Sunset TreeSunset TreeCharis Psachos

A lonely tree, part of a colorfull puzzle like abstract colorscape...;Artwork is o strechers back set, 2cm side wide.

Charis Psachos - On the roads...On the roads...Charis Psachos

Sailboats are on the roads inside the small port.;Abstract colored gesture painting with gesso preparation, oil and enamel colors.;Painting is on stretchers backset.

Edward Tabachnik - Garden of EdenGarden of EdenEdward Tabachnik

Ship of Souls. 72 Names of God. Aurora Borealis.;Artist playing ancient giraffe piano. Tree of Life.

Charis Psachos - Strange...Strange...Charis Psachos

Strange Feelings.;Art Brut Lines, Expression painting.;Signature is digital for printing purposes. It will be painted in about the same place.;40X50X3cm,;Artwork will be sent rolled in a tube.;A certificate of authenticity will be provided.