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John Quinn - Stone Vase with DallasiteStone Vase with DallasiteJohn Quinn

This vase was hand made from natural slate type stone quarried on Canada's West coast.;It is 10 inches tall and weighs around 8 lbs. making it a very sturdy little vase that is very difficult to tip over. Perfect for a houseboat.;The stones I used in the mosaic on the front of the vase are pieces of...

John Quinn - Slate Vase with Amethyst CrystalsSlate Vase with Amethyst CrystalsJohn Quinn

This large flared vase is 16 inches tall at its highest point and weighs 18 pounds. It's made from black slate with smudges of copper tones with Amethyst Crystals, Red Tiger's Eye and Mahogany Obsidian as decorative accents.;The price including shipping to North American destinations is $355.00 US.

Pellegrino - Leda - -SCORCIO CHAPEL, COLUMN AND MOSAICS- Architecture etc.'SCORCIO CHAPEL, COLUMN AND MOSAICS' Architecture etc.Pellegrino - Leda

Course is not for sale nor chapel nor the colonnade with mosaics, the most I could, UPON REQUEST, enable the DPS to print the posters after a preliminary agreement.