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The Artworks of media Graphite and containing the word emanuele cardone, graphite, hyperrealism, mythology

Emanuele Cardone - ICARUS ( Icarus )ICARUS ( Icarus )Emanuele Cardone

“Il inexplicable desire to overcome the own limits , to penetrate some reality another unknowable , to challenge himself in a race against time is the obstacles they life us imposes . And wounds , inner tracks that the world has left on us are no of course signs that represent a other point of start...

Emanuele Cardone - NARKISSOS ( Daffodil )NARKISSOS ( Daffodil )Emanuele Cardone

'Uno mirror light that welcomes unconscious desires and there turns in shining gems of pleasure that reels slowly in the eternal sea of a deep solitude and hidden at in which out our be exhausted from running incessant of living , stops and tries rest and intrinsic meaning to one's own need to ident...

Emanuele Cardone - PARTHENOPE ( Partenope )PARTHENOPE ( Partenope )Emanuele Cardone

“Una voice that slowly becomes a call d’amore through the waves by the sea , freedom to , to welcome in itself the thought towards a destiny different which no you can grasp and then the darkness that covers her own soul and the renunciation that tarpa the wings of desire defeated by one reality tha...

Emanuele Cardone - TOCA THAT WAY LUZ ( Swipe the light )TOCA THAT WAY LUZ ( Swipe the light )Emanuele Cardone

“Afferri the wires overblown of your soul to bring them back slowly to tea , in a myriad of fragments bounced far dall’oppressarsi of melancholy e of pain , to recreate something different , that encloses the thrills of your be . The strength intrinsically , that storms of life are no successful at ...

Laetitia Passion Dessin - potrait cat potrait cat Laetitia Passion Dessin

Cat portrait directed to pure graphite on size A4

Vladimir Silenko - Water and windmillsWater and windmillsVladimir Silenko

Mill since ancient times is considered a symbol of fertility and abundance. This picture is desirable to hang in the living room.

Jacques Dominé - THE LADY IN HATTHE LADY IN HATJacques Dominé

Done in pastel and graphite on Canson drawing paper card and varnished

Vladimir Silenko - Longissimus dies sito conditurLongissimus dies sito conditurVladimir Silenko

Lat. saying: And the longest day has an end.
Work on this pattern continued for seven years, with long intervals. However, it is now complete. The idea of ​​painting - to show through figurative and symbolic number for a time, its irreversibility. The key role played by one of the figures of th...

Jacques Dominé - Swan LakeSwan LakeJacques Dominé

Directed graphite pencil drawing on paper Canson C Grain card, then varnished.
Made for an artistic challenge to the 'golden pen' and won 1st prize in December 2006.
Table completed in April 2008.