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The Artworks of media Acrylic and containing the word vito petrus, acrylic, religious, abstract

Vito Petrus - Ecce Homo - Petrus RomanusEcce Homo - Petrus RomanusVito Petrus

-Ecce Homo- This is the Man! This painting summaries in one picture the current situation on the Catholic Church. The two lightnings represents the two wraths of God the Father: The Crucifixion of His Son Christ, and the betrayal of His Church to the powers of this world, like Pontius Pilate did, he...

Vito Petrus - Holy Trinity with correspondent symbolismHoly Trinity with correspondent symbolismVito Petrus

Holy Trinity with correspondent symbolism.;Inspired after Russian painter Andrey Rublev. Acrylics and watercolors on cardboard, size approximately 23x30cm. Dated October 2017.;For painting's detailed explanation with correspondent symbolism, please watch youtube video: https://youtu.be/D6csKYOrHmE

Vito Petrus - BatalhaBatalhaVito Petrus

A painting in honour of the monastery St Mary of the Victory na Batalha in Portugal, where on 14 August 1385 Portugal gained independence from Spain. The red sky represents the blood of the soldiers.

Vito Petrus - 50 Shades of Light50 Shades of LightVito Petrus

50 Shades of Light. This painting is to counteract the shaded of grey or darkness, the Shades of Light have much more power and clearness.;Acrylics on a A4 paper.

Vito Petrus - Hands Across the Divide, DerryHands Across the Divide, DerryVito Petrus

Hands Across the Divide, Derry.;This painting is about the spiritual warfare behind Derry city, it shows in a visual way that the battle behind this city, is not between Protestants and Catholics, but between Good and evil. Acrylic paint on a A4 paper. For video see: https://youtu.be/8Ilw_RZ9jGw

Vito Petrus - My soul magnifies the LordMy soul magnifies the LordVito Petrus

'My soul magnifies the Lord.' ;This painting explains the above mentioned Bible passage of Luke 1:46 in a visual way. The function of the Blesses Virgin Mary is, as the moon does, to magnify the light of God where there is darkness on the Earth. Acrylics on a A4 paper.

Vito Petrus - Wherever the corpse is, there the vultures will gatherWherever the corpse is, there the vultures will gatherVito Petrus

'Wherever the corpse is, there the vultures will gather.' Matthew 24:28 Acrylics on a A4 paper.